Tips for Practicing With the Tennis Ball Machine

One of the great things about the sport of tennis is that hard work is usually rewarded with improvement in skill. Practice is an integral part of the game, but finding hitting partners isn’t always possible. Conflicting schedules, constrained court availability and other factors can sometimes make it challenging to get your practice in. Having access to a tennis ball machine can be a great option. So, when your hitting partner is ball machine, use the following tips to maximize your practice time.

Why Work with a Personal Trainer in Chicago?

personal trainer in chicago

From helping you reach your fitness goals to learning how to exercise safely with a chronic condition, personal training comes with plenty benefits and could be a great investment for your well-being and overall health. Let’s dive into some of the main concepts on why you should consider working with a personal trainer in Chicago.

Exercise Benefits

exercise benefits


A vast number of scientific studies have indicated the positive benefits of exercise to employers, employees and society as a whole. While you may not believe any one study, the sheer volume of studies from reputable sources should be compelling in its own right. Below we identify some of the key benefits identified, as well as the studies that they come from. If you have other studies you would like listed here, or other thoughts on the benefits of exercise, please contact us at

INCREASED Productivity and Work Performance

Exercise increases productivity by 15%. (Leeds Metropolitan University, 2008) Employees who exercised worked at full efficiency all day, a 12.5% increase in productivity. Normally, employees’ efficiency decreases by 50% during the final two hours of the work day. (The Association for Fitness in Business,1985) Fit workers committed 27% fewer errors on tasks involving concentration and short-term … Continue reading

The Philosophy of Tennis and Mental Training

Tennis and Mental Training

Within the tennis world, there’s a shared sentiment that who you are as a person is expressed in how you play. Within the boundaries of a tennis court, the technical demands of the sport and the stress of individual competition have a way of flushing out a person’s instinctual way of being.

What’s the Difference in Tennis Lessons: Groups, Privates, Semi-Privates

What's the Difference in Tennis Lessons

In tennis, there are countless ways to improve, whether that be by taking some time to play with friends, semi-privates, privates, or group lessons. But, what are the differences and strengths of each different option?


When first beginning tennis, privates are often one of the best ways to build a foundation for the game. Working one-on-one with a coach allows young and old to work on technique and other very specific aspects in an individual’s game.

Privates are also important for players who take the game seriously and are looking for a competitive edge. Tournament tennis players (whether middle school, high school, college or adult) can use private lessons as an avenue to develop better matchplay strategies, point development, and target their areas of need.

Additionally, privates are an offering where the client is in the most control of how they spend their time. If you are struggling with your serve, you can use the entire lesson if your … Continue reading