Cardio and Strength

Our Cardio Division offers a wide range of classes and programs in low, medium and high impact workouts.  In addition to full-body cardio workouts, cardio programming is an ideal way for athletes to cross-train and improve their cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and agility responses.  Cardio fitness programs include:

Aqua Fit

Strengthen and build muscular and aerobic endurance with water resistance. Water shoes recommended.


This advanced class features any mix of athletic drills, plyometric work, strength, cardiovascular and flexibility training for an intense workout.

Below D’belt Architect

This class is designed to target the strengthening and reshaping of those “trouble zones” such as inner/outer thigh, gluteus, hamstrings and abdominals.


Developed by fitness presenter Marcelo Ehrhardt, this class is unique in that all exercises flow in a seamless transition pattern. Its execution targets all muscle groups and follows the order of using your entire body to warm up, followed by the use of the medicine ball, body bar and finally dumbbells. All levels welcome.


Created by Jordan Parker, this class will ignite your body, with a series of strength training exercises, with progressions that are from simple to more complex. Leg work can be rigorous yet gentle to the body. Pushing the body to ignite the different Hear Rate Zones, pushing the training Anaerobic at times. All levels welcome.


For the triathlete within you, this class allows you to experience layered training just like a triathlete does. The 2 disciplines involved are Cycling and Running. Meet at the Cycling Studio, divide into two teams. One team starts on the Treadmills, the other on the Cycling Bikes- 15 minutes of work with 1 of 2 coaches then swap. This is done 4 times with fast transitions between disciplines. Not just for triathletes, this is a fitness class that involves interval training with 2 disciplines. Join creators Marcelo Ehrhardt & Lara Mele for this LSF Signature Class. All levels

Cardio Kickboxing

Choreographed moves using a combination of aerobics, martial arts and boxing creating a vigorous cardio workout.

Cardio Pump / Cross Training

A hybrid cardio workout combining Kickboxing, HiLo, Plyomterics and more for a fun way to improve heart strength and burn calories.

Cardio Swim

Developed by Caleb McDermott, this class is to simply get yardage in and there is no emphasis on preparing you for upcoming Swim Meets. Must be proficient in swimming in order to attend this class. Yardage will range from 1500-2500 meters. Technique will also be explored. Swim to simply swim and be coached while doing it. Intermediate to Advanced levels.


A series of mid thoracic exercises put together to give you a “FIERCE” feel and “FIERCE” look to your abdominals. Exercises will also focus on lower back and mid back. All levels welcome

FUERZAcardio Kickboxing

Developed by fitness leader Marcelo Ehrhardt, this class is a fusion of American kickboxing and karate with easy to follow technique and choreography set to energizing music. All levels welcome.

Full Body Architect

Total body resistance training class focusing on form repetition and overload necessary for gaining strength and endurance.


A Jordan Parker Creation, this class focuses on blending multiple exercises to keep your body healthy and strong for long term results. The goal is to offer progressions of exercises that are easy to the body, then build to more complex exercises while remaining gentle to the body. Perfect for all demographics

Master’s Swim OPEN

Intermediate to advanced swim training guided by coaches with the emphasis of preparing you for upcoming Swim Meets or Triathlons. Expect to explore all strokes and work between 2000 to 3000 meters a practice. Swim meets are not mandatory but are encouraged. All swimmers will also be encouraged to register with USA Master’s Swimming. Must be proficient in swimming to attend these practices

Operation Bootcamp

Run by one of LSF’s premier instructors. Pure athletic approach to this specialty class will reward you with results in a few short weeks. See how the pro’s train!

Studio Cycling

A cardiovascular class done on a cutting edge stationary bike. Classes can differ in style in that profiles can include hills, flat roads, sprints and endurance set to dynamic music. Some instructors will use Heart rate Monitors and RPMs to make the rides more efficient. Please arrive early if you are new to cycling in order for our instructors to set you up properly. All levels welcome.


Developed and created by super Athlete Kimberly Shah , this class focuses on high intensity training with TABATA intervals on and off the treadmill. All levels are welcome for this 45 minutes class. Start with a 10 minute warm up around the indoor track- that includes dynamic stretching and running drills- Split into two groups and experience Tabata training on the treadmill and Tabata functional strength/endurance training off the treadmill- Complete 3 rounds of selected exercises and running profiles to this 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off training system plus a cool down to wrap up a full calorie burning experience.


An hour long class that focuses on interval training. The first half of the class targets cardio training while the second half targets endurance and strength. Multi-planar exercises are set in 20 seconds on 10 seconds off intervals of 8. A challenging workout that will make you ask for more. All levels.


A 45 minute treadmill class that follows real outdoor training for all level runners. Experience flats, sprints, hills and endurance training while being coached on technique and breathing. All levels welcome. You do not need to be a runner to take this class.


The latest cardio dance craze with easy to follow latin dance moves set to exciting and new latin flavored music. All levels

For a copy of our most recent Group Fitness Schedule featuring the above programs, please click here. 

For more information on the Lakeshore SF Group Fitness and cardio programs please contact :
Marcelo Ehrhardt, Group Fitness Director at 773.770.2461 or,
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