Core Strength

Core ConditioningThe Lakeshore SF Core Conditioning Division offers programs in Yoga, Pilates and specialty programs that isolate, stretch and extend core muscle groups.   Core Conditioning fitness programs include:

Core Flexibility

Concentrated abdominal and back work followed by a deep stretch.


Yoga made simple! An intro to the series of poses and deep breathing involved in the yoga discipline. Ideal of members new to yoga, but also appropriate for all experience levels.


The umbrella term for all schools of yoga. Classic postures combined with deep breathing to build strength and flexibility.


Kimberly Shah guides you through this intuitive, beautiful stretch class that works with the 12 meridians (energy channels) used in Eastern Medicine practice. The Meridians are stretched to create a better energetic flow throughout the body. By opening the flow throughout the meridians not only can this help to improve your internal health, but also help you improve your flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. This class is great for all levels of fitness and athletic abilities.


This class focuses on the classical repertoire of Joseph Pilates’ principles. Strengthen your core and lengthen your muscles while improving your balance and coordination.

Pilates Group Reformer Open

Pilates reformer work done in sami-private setting. This class is “open” where there is no need to sign up prior to arriving and classes are not done in weekly sessions. Participants must purchase Pilates Group Reformer Packages/Sessions prior to attending class and must also check in at the Front Desk for a spot. This is a first come first serve class. You can sign up ahead of time for each OPEN class. You must have experience on the reformers in order to participate.

Pilates Group Reformer CLOSED

This Pilates Group Reformer Class is not open for drop ins and has been previously scheduled by Pilates Coordinator with Semi-Private Group Scheduled for weekly sessions.


A yoga strength workout, with an emphasis on working hard through movement and breath. Inspired by Vinyasa Yoga, this yoga is not for the beginner.


The yoga strength workout. Not for beginners.


This is a great class for the beginner who needs gentle exercise or athletes who need to “restore” the body after competition.

R.O.M (Range of Motion)

A Kimberly Shah class focusing on exercises to develop full range of motion- 15 minutes of targeting muscle groups , great for all levels and all demographics. Also great for participants recovering from injury.

Sun Salutations

A class that focuses solely on Sun Salutations. Everyone works at their own pace while being guided to a practice that’s athletic and fluid. This class will only explore Sun Salutations.


This yoga class combines Hatha and Vinyasa styles. Through Static (Held) and Kinetic (Dynamic) movement patterns, you will challenge yourself in ways you may never have thought possible. This all levels class will include clear concise instructions to help you advance, know matter what your level.


Experience the oldest style of yoga, often considered to be the most physically demanding of all Hatha Yoga Schools. Vinyasa means “breathe connected movement”. This yoga offers an athletic, flowing and challenging practice which is open to interpretation by individual instructors. Movement is linked with the breath through challenging and soothing poses. vinyasaFLOW focuses on rigorous and gentle flows of yoga. Look for the different levels assigned to each class to adequately attend the class that fits your need.


Experience the oldest form of yoga, often considered to be the most physically demanding of all Hatha yoga schools. Vinyasa means “breathe connected movement.” This yoga offers an athletic, flowing, challenging practice that emphasizes breath, core strength and concentration. Link movement with breath work through challenging and soothing poses, and increase your flexibility and strength.


Mellody Bose, enlightens your inner strength through her version of vinyasa and hatha inspired flows. Expect to work hard during this experience, it is suggested that you are at level 2 to level 3 yoga experience to attend this class.

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