IC In the Loop 6-11-19

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What’s Happening in the Club!

  • Private Rooftop Happy Hours!
  • Member Testimony: Best Group Fitness Classes in Chicago!
  • Congratulations to the 2019 LSF-IC Squash Championship Winners!
  • Novice Squash Training Sessions Start June 18th!
  • Junior Squash Summer Camps Starting Soon – Register Now!
  • Be Summer Ready with LSF’s Boxing Boot Camp!
  • Wednesday Wine Down and Yoga at IC – Every Wednesday Afternoon!
  • Limited Time Offer: Come Climb with a Friend at Member Rates!
  • Add Your Children on to Your Account
  • Physical Therapy for Vertigo!

On May 29, Skyline Grill was officially opened. LSF Members & Guests can’t get enough of our specialty cocktails and food prepared fresh daily from our kitchen! LSF is excited to announce that Skyline Grill is now open for lunch on weekdays between 12pm – 2pm. Happy Hour and Dinner service will resume at 4pm – 8:30pm!

Skyline Grill will also be open on Saturday from 10:30pm – 3pm starting June 15th!

Skyline Grill offers the perfect event space for Corporate, Family, or Friends to enjoy beautiful downtown views.  Inquire at ICevents@lakeshoresf.com for more information and stay tuned for more updates/events to come.

Private Rooftop Happy Hours!
Patio season is upon us in downtown Chicago! Book your private happy hour on our beautiful, spacious rooftop patio. In addition to the amazing views and summer breeze, we offer exquisite food and beverage packages courtesy of our Skyline Grill and Press Kitchen restaurants! We cater to groups of all sizes, from 15 to 300+. Ask about our $25/person Happy Hour Menu Package! Let LSF host your company’s next outing. For more information, or to book an outing, please contact ICEvents@LakeshoreSF.com.

Member Testimony: Best Group Fitness Classes in Chicago!
“I’ve been a member of Lakeshore Sport & Fitness for over six months and applaud the desk, owner, staff, instructors and cleaning staff that welcome all members.  I sincerely appreciate the hands-on customized assistance each instructor gives to students during the class.  No matter what your level, Joanna, Melissa, Brendan, Tatiana, TonE and all the instructors, guide you according to your level of ability. This is the first place in over ten years of paying for health clubs where I feel there’s exercise formats for everyone with down-to-earth staff and instructors.  From barre class and weight training to yoga to pool to outdoor activities to wall climbing, there’s all types of exercise that fit your needs.  After six months of going to Lakeshore for just 3-days a week, I have a great new energy level.  I highly recommend Lakeshore Sport & Fitness!” – Laurie O.

Thanks Laurie! We love our group fitness class too. Need help deciding what group fitness class is best for you? Please reach out to MarceloE@LakeshoreSF.com.

Congratulations to the 2019 LSF-IC Squash Championship Winners!
Lakeshore SF would like to congratulate the 2019 squash championship winners:

Baber Abbas (3.0)

Christopher Ritter (4.0)

Rolando Hernandez (5.0)

The whole squash community was able to celebrate with a Happy Hour at Skyline Grill on the LSF Rooftop and we look forward to another great season starting soon!

Novice Squash Training Sessions Start June 18th!
Do you ever wonder if there are other ways to have a fun workout? Needing a way to get a different type of aerobic cross-training into your routine? If you are looking for these types of options to add into your regimen or a fun way to burn those calories, look no further than our B5 Squash Courts!

Starting June 18th, a novice squash training session will be offered to those who would like to start to learn this awesome sport right here at LSF! Sessions will be held from 5:30pm to 6:30pm, so you still have time to enjoy the evening! Groups of four players maximum will be accepted weekly. To sign up in advance please contact Luis Sanchez at LuisS@LakeshoreSF.com

Junior Squash Summer Camps Starting Soon – Register Now!
Do your children want to step up their squash game? Lakeshore Sport & Fitness – Illinois Center is offering five weeks of squash camps for juniors of all ages and skill. Camps will be held at 211 N Stetson Ave.

Week 1: June 10th – 14th  |  Week 2: June 24th – 28th  |  Week 3: July 15th – 19th

Week 4: August 19th – 23rd  |  Week 5: August 26th – 30th

Training times will be 9am – 1pm, and camp fees are $500/kid/weekly session. Lunch is included each day of training! There is space for 12 participants per week, so register now by contacting Luis Sanchez at LuisS@LakeshoreSF.com or 312-801-8432.

Be Summer Ready with LSF’s Boxing Boot Camp!
Summer is here; are you ready for it? If you’re looking for some added intensity for your workouts, boxing boot camp is the answer. Join us every Tuesday evening at 5:30pm near the basketball court. $45 gets you a 60-minute workout complete with 1-1 boxing, ViPR logs, kettle bells, and other modalities, all in a small-group environment for extra focus and attention to form. Use our InBody scale to track progress and see real results. Space is limited, so reach out to NickS@LakeshoreSF.com  today!

Wednesday Wine Down and Yoga at IC – Every Wednesday Afternoon!
LSF Illinois Center is proud to present Wednesday Wine Down! For the first time at our beautiful downtown location enjoy our weekly sunset rooftop yoga class with Halle Miroglotta. Members will enjoy a complimentary glass of wine afterward, $5 for guests! Enjoy a recharging, empowering hour long VinyasaFLOW yoga class with breathtaking skyline views, and then mingle with members and guests and relax over wine at our fabulous rooftop bar, restaurant and pool. Every Wednesday at 6:30pm starting June 5th.  

Limited Time Offer: Come Climb with a Friend at Member Rates!
Did you know that climbing is a very social activity? What better way to enjoy a unique form of mental and physical activity then with someone you know? For a limited time, we are inviting our members to share the experience of climbing the tallest indoor health club wall in the US with a friend and/or family member at our member rates. We will also include a two-week membership for them to check out the club and climb with you some more! We do make it easy with an $35 Orientation for beginners and advanced beginners that includes your shoes and harness. For the more experienced climber, we offer a $20 Belay Check (+$5 rental for harness and helmet each if needed).

Ready to book your reservation or have more questions? Please email:  climbing@lakeshoresf.com. Please give us your friend’s name and contact information. We can take care of the rest. Looking forward to seeing you on the wall!

Add Your Children on to Your Account Today!
As the Lakeshore East Community is changing so are our offerings here at LSF.  Your children now have all day access on weekends, and we are offering children’s programming. If your child is under 3 they are considered a part of your membership or if you already have unlimited childcare on your account. If your child is between 3 -17 you can now add them to your account rather than paying $10 per visit.  Please contact icmembership@lakeshoresf.com for details.

Physical Therapy for Vertigo!
Vertigo is the sensation of spinning or that the room is moving around you. There are a number of conditions that can lead to vertigo; inner ear disorders, migraines, tumors, head injuries or stroke. In most cases, the cause of vertigo involves the inner ear, part of the vestibular system (your body’s balance system). It uses the organs of your inner ear to relate to your brain where your head and body are in space to keep your eyes focused and body stable.  One of the most common causes of vertigo is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). BPPV is an inner ear disorder that produces short periods of spinning when your head is in a certain position. BPPV occurs when tiny crystals in your ear are dislodged and move into another part of the ear (semicircular canals) where they are not supposed to be. Physical therapy can be quite effective in treating BPPV.  The therapist will conduct a series of positional tests to determine which inner ear is the culprit and which of the six semicircular canals is involved.   Specific head motions or maneuvers to reposition the crystals within the inner ear are then performed to relieve the symptoms of vertigo. Oftentimes, patients experience relief after just one treatment.  Successful rehabilitation also includes balance exercises to help strengthen your vestibular system.

Lakeshore Sport & Fitness is fortunate to have the experienced physical therapists of Lakeshore Physical Therapy on site at both locations.  Click here for more information or to schedule an appointment:  www.lakeshore-pt.com