In the Loop @ IC for 8-6-19


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What’s Happening in the Club!


  • Fitmetrix Coming Soon to LSF-IC Cycling Studio!
  • 6 Benefits of CBD Oil Massage with the Spa@IC
  • Wednesday Wine Down and Yoga at IC – Every Wednesday Afternoon!
  • SKYLINE GRILL: Your Favorite After Work Rooftop Bar & Grill!
  • Private Rooftop Happy Hours!
  • IC PT360 Fitness Consultation – Get Yours Now!
  • Did You Know We Offer Convenient Upgrades to Your Membership?
  • Add Your Children on to Your Account
  • What is Sciatica? Learn more with Lakeshore Physical Therapy


Fitmetrix Coming Soon to LSF-IC Cycling Studio!
Lakeshore Sport & Fitness has the best cycling instructors and classes in Chicago – and now they’re about to get even better! Fitmetrix is coming to LSF-IC. This new technology will allow cycling enthusiasts to keep statistics from their favorite classes, follow the in-class leaderboards, reserve their favorite bike, participate in games & competitions, and so much more!

In order to take advantage of these amazing features, members will need to register at the link below! If you have any questions or need help getting setup, please contact our Assistant General Manager at

LakeshoreSF Fitmetrix Registration


6 Benefits of CBD Oil Massage with the Spa@IC
CBD Oil is most commonly known to help with pain inflammation, and anxiety, leading to it becoming one of the most popular ingredients in therapeutic oils and alternative medicines. So, what’s the difference between a CBD Oil Massage and a regular massage? The massage itself is just like any other massage but your therapist will focus on a target area that you specify and where the skin is the thinnest. This allows the oil to be absorbed into your blood stream as the massage therapist activates the area. Worried about getting that “high”? Don’t worry, our CBD Oil does not contain THC – the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Specifically, there are 6 additional benefits of CBD oil massage:

  • Helps your body relax
  • Helps with recovery
  • Releases tension
  • Stress relief
  • Pain management
  • Ease sore muscles

Try it and find out for yourself, and book your CBD Oil Massage with the Spa@IC by contacting


Wednesday Wine Down and Yoga at IC – Every Wednesday Afternoon!
LSF Illinois Center is proud to present Wednesday Wine Down! For the first time at our beautiful downtown location enjoy our weekly sunset rooftop yoga class with Halle Miroglotta. Members will enjoy a complimentary glass of wine afterward, $5 for guests! Enjoy a recharging, empowering hour long VinyasaFLOW yoga class with breathtaking skyline views, and then mingle with members and guests and relax over wine at our fabulous rooftop bar, restaurant and pool.


SKYLINE GRILL: Your Favorite After Work Bar & Grill!!
LSF Members & Guests can’t get enough of our specialty cocktails and food prepared fresh daily at Skyline Grill! Skyline Grill is open for lunch on weekdays between 12pm – 2pm and for happy hour and dinner service that resumes from 4pm – 8:30pm! Since Skyline Grill is open to the public, it is quickly becoming the neighborhoods favorite afterwork place to eat, drink, and chill!

Skyline Grill also serves brunch on weekends between 10:30pm – 3pm! Come see what all the chatter is all about and follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep updated on any closures due to private events or weather.

Skyline Grill offers the perfect event space for Corporate, Family, or Friends to enjoy beautiful downtown views.  Inquire at for more information and stay tuned for more updates/events to come.


Private Rooftop Happy Hours!
Patio season is upon us in downtown Chicago! Book your private happy hour on our beautiful, spacious rooftop patio. In addition to the amazing views and summer breeze, we offer exquisite food and beverage packages courtesy of our Skyline Grill and Press Kitchen restaurants! We cater to groups of all sizes, from 15 to 300+. Ask about our $25/person Happy Hour Menu Package! Let LSF host your company’s next outing. For more information, or to book an outing, please contact



IC PT360 Fitness Consultation – Get Yours Now!
As a member at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness, you have access to several great services. One of these services is a one-time, complimentary, fitness consultation. This includes:

– A conversation to better understand your fitness goals

– A step on our InBody scale to measure muscle mass and body fat, track progress, and see real results

– A quick movement screening to check form and ensure that your movement is at or close to 100% efficiency

– A cardiac output test to measure cardiovascular fitness levels

The consultation is scheduled for 60 minutes with one of our certified and experienced Personal Trainers that is matched with you based on your preferences, fitness background, and availability. After the consultation, you and your trainer can schedule a complimentary 60-minute workout, individually crafted and catered to your needs, interests, and goals. Taking advantage of these services can be an excellent way to begin (or continue) getting into the best shape possible, learn new exercises or modalities to switch up your workout routine, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your membership. Reach out to to schedule your complimentary fitness consultation today!


Did You Know We Offer Convenient Upgrades to Your Membership?
Convenience is key, and LSF-IC is a great home base for all your “Summer in Chicago” activities. We offer everything to make your workouts and summer easier!  Ranging from secure day storage for valuables, kit locker, laundry, golf club and bike storage, scooter parking and more! Contact your Account Manager at for more details.


Add Your Children on to Your Account Today!
As the Lakeshore East Community is changing so are our offerings here at LSF.  Your children now have all day access on weekends, and we are offering children’s programming. If your child is under 3, they are considered a part of your membership or if you already have unlimited childcare on your account. If your child is between 3 -17 you can now add them to your account rather than paying $10 per visit.  Please contact for details.


What is Sciatica? Learn more with Lakeshore Physical Therapy

Sciatica is a SYMPTOM that describes pain along the path of the sciatic nerve. This could feel like tingling, numbness, burning, or shooting pain down the leg. The true cause of sciatica can be very different in each person ranging from a herniated disc, a muscle spasm of the piriformis, spinal stenosis, a sacroiliac rotation, or core instability. Having this problem properly diagnosed by a medical professional is important to adequately treat your symptoms and fix the CAUSE of your pain!

Check out our blog post this month for more information on sciatica at and our Instagram post @lakeshorephysicaltherapy for recommended exercises to alleviate your pain.  Lakeshore Physical Therapy is conveniently located in both Lakeshore Sport & Fitness clubs for care when you need us.