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Not only is swimming a great workout and an excellent way to develop motor skills and confidence – it’s also fun! LSF is the perfect place for your kids to start dipping their toes in the water, develop lifelong skills and learn the basics so they are safe in and around the water.

Swimming Pools:

Swim Lessons:

Lakeshore offers group lessons as well as private lessons to help your children learn to swim and perfect their strokes. 

Private Lessons

Lessons can be geared for swimmers who need more individualized attention or have trouble staying on task in group classes. Private lessons allow for instructors to personalize goals and objectives specific to the swimmer. Private lessons do not follow class sessions; however, most maintain a weekly standing time with their instructor. Lessons are held in the pools depending on space availability.

Swim Lesson Instruction at Lakeshore Sport & FItness

Private Lesson Rates:

  • Individual Lesson: $40/30-minute session
  • 6-pack: $228 ($2 per lesson savings!)
  • 12-pack: $432 ($4 per lesson savings!)
  • Coach-level Lesson: $45/30-minute session

Semi-Private Lesson Rates:

  • Standard Lesson: $34/30-minute session
  • 6-pack: $192 ($2 per lesson savings!)
  • 12-pack: $360 ($4 per lesson savings!)
  • Coach-level Lesson: $39/30-minute session

Prices above listed for current LSF Members. Non-Members may participate in 5 private lessons per year. Non-Member prices are $20 more per lesson for private and semi-private swim lessons.

Group Lessons

Classes are offered at ideal times every day and are an excellent way to build life-long bonds and friendships while developing social etiquette. Group classes provide an environment where healthy competition between swimmers can encourage them to work harder to improve their swimming technique, endurance, and speed. Our curriculum and instructor training are developed by staff with Olympic and International experience.

Group lessons meet once a week for 10 weeks. Non-Members may participate in one session per year.

Parent & Child
1:8 ratio

Designed for our youngest swimmers (9-36 months) and an adult, this class offers an opportunity to create a stronger sense of security between you, your child, and the water through songs and interactive coaching. Our instructors create a fun and comfortable environment which allows your child to quickly become acclimated to the water. Members: $220/10-week session, Non-Members: $350/10-week session

Learn to Swim
1:4 ratio

An entry-level class that is intended to provide swimmers with simple water familiarity and basic body control in the water, such as back and front floats, breathing, and feeling comfortable going under-water. Your swimmer will also receive an introduction to stroke kicking for both the Backstroke and Freestyle. This class serves as a basis for all future development in the water. Members: $220/10-week session, Non-Members: $350/10-week session

Level 1
1:4 ratio

In this first of three levels of swim classes, your swimmer will master putting his or her head under-water, strengthen basic Backstroke & Freestyle kicking and be introduced to arm techniques, improve streamline position and body control, and jump into the water independently. Members: $250/10-week session, Non-Members: $380/10-week session

Level 2
1:6 ratio

In this second level of swim classes, your swimmer will further develop his or her skills by improving kicking in Backstroke & Freestyles, while being introduced to kicking in Breaststroke & Butterfly strokes. Additionally, your swimmer will increase the fluidity of the Freestyle & Backstroke arm functions, improve streamlining, and start working on flip turns. Members: $250/10-week session, Non-Members: $380/10-week session

Level 3
1:6 ratio

In the most advanced level of group classes, your swimmer will learn the remaining essentials in kicks and arm movements. Your swimmer will focus on mastering kicking in all four strokes while improving Backstroke & Freestyle arm drills. He or she will begin to develop arm functions for the Butterfly & Breaststroke. Lastly, we’ll work on standing full flip turns and introduce your swimmer to diving. This final class helps to work on areas inside the strokes that will contribute to a swimmer’s preparation for our Stingrays swim team. Members: $250/10-week session, Non-Members: $380/10-week session

Please reach out to for questions or to register.