Nothing keeps you motivated quite like working out in a group, and our Group Fitness programs balance that communal support with the benefit of individual instruction. Improve your endurance, flexibility, and agility under the watchful eye of our skilled Group Fitness instructors, many of whom are world and nationally renowned. Whether you are looking to strengthen your core, take your cardiovascular routine to the next level, or just meet some like-minded fitness folk, our Group Fitness instructors will keep you focused on achieving goals, getting in shape, and staying there. Our class schedule features everything from low-impact to high-impact workouts, from yoga to kickboxing, from dance to cycling.

We routinely change the schedule based on member feedback and utilization. Please let us know your thoughts on additions or changes you would like to see. Classes that average fewer than 8 participants are reviewed to determine if a change in format is appropriate – so if you like a class, encourage your friends to attend it!


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September 2023 Schedule

October 2023 Schedule

Please note, we have varied holiday schedules so please check the MyLSF app for updates.



Lincoln Park Group Fitness Class Descriptions

AMRAP Hour: AMRAP stands for As Many Reps as Possible within the given intervals. 6 blocks of 8 minutes intervals of selected exercises. Each block is followed by 2 minutes recovery- Four to Five Exercises will be selected for each block with reps ranging from 8 to 12 repetitions- Participants will complete the reps and keep looping all exercises until the interval is over. Instructors will give demonstrate the selected exercises before the beginning of each block.

ATHLETEzone: This class is designed for the intermediate to advanced participant in that all forms of movement, strength training, and cardiovascular training are explored in an interval/circuit format. 5 challenging stations. One minute to complete each station with 10 seconds to rotate to the next. 2 mini rounds complete one BIG ROUND. Three BIG ROUNDS complete the class.

Barre Body: This full-body conditioning class brings a new intensity to classic barre studio exercises. Set to music for a non-stop, fun, and energetic workout from warm-up to cool-down. Expect to work every muscle group in the body, adding in cardio bursts throughout. Finish the class on the mat with high rep sculpting sets for the lower body and core.

Barre Strength: A Full Body Training system using exercises similar to BARRE work as a means to transform legs and core. The series can be demanding and challenging but friendly to all demographics. BARRE-evolution is the “dancer’s workout” without the dance. The sequences evolve from shoulder and arm training with light dumbbells to standing leg positions and isometrics. A complete workout that is exclusive to LSF.

Body Conditioning: This class blends cardiovascular and weight training in varying intervals. The focus can change from week to week incorporating heavy or light strength training segments and a variety of cardiovascular movements. All levels are welcome and instructors will use multiple pieces of equipment.

Bootcamp: Bootcamp is a high-intensity interval training system. The training consists of two blocks interspersed with core work. After a dynamic warm-up, block one features endurance, cardio, strength, speed, and agility drills in multiple planes of motion such as crawls, skips, sprints, and cone drills. Block two consists of stationary strength and cardio drills in timed intervals to increase power and endurance. Meant for intermediate to advanced Participants

Body Formula: A full Body Training class with progressions. Class is formatted into two blocks of training. In a block, you will explore a full-body warm-up, a core section, a pushup cardio section, low weights training, cardio, and heavy weight training. All of this is repeated in a second block. Sometimes three blocks of training are explored.

Breath & Meditation: Try 30 minutes of gentle breathing and guided meditation to support your mind and body. Participants will learn meditation techniques and breathing exercises that will teach them how to reduce stress levels, boost immunity, and down-regulate their nervous system so that they can experience a state of peace and calm the entire day.

Brick Land: One of the toughest classes to complete. This is indoor layered training. Instructors can layer two, three, four, or even six segments that alternate between Cycling and Treadmill Running. This can be endurance-based or breathless-based layered training. Transitions between layers are part of the profile. Class meets in the Cycling Studio.

Cardio Kickboxing: A cardio-based workout that incorporates kicking and punching to exciting and energizing movement. This class is an endurance-based class. All levels are welcome.

Cycle Party: Super fun Cycling class set to inspiring music from EDM to POP. Classes are held in our Cycling studio. All levels are welcome.

Cycling: Cycling is a fun cardiovascular class done on a cutting-edge stationary bike. Classes can differ in style in that profiles can include hills, flat roads, interval training, RPM cueing, wattage, distance, and more all set to energetic and motivating music. Our bikes are triple-link capable for LOOK, SPD, and Regular Sneakers.

Diesel Body: Rev your engine with Diesel Body! This total body class has lifting and cardio with an emphasis on building lean muscle and increasing overall strength to kick your fitness routine into high gear! Expect a Sets & Reps style class with two or three blocks of training with three sets of selected exercises within each block. There’s a short rest cycle between each set for more efficient muscle recovery. Once block one is completed there is a core/abdominals section that leads into Block two. Your instructor will provide visual demonstrations, verbal cues, and if necessary hands-on assists to make sure you are working safely and feel supported in your journey to strength!

DEFCON: The name of this class is a play on words in two ways. DEFined CONditioning is our fitness goal and we are borrowing the name from the US Armed Forces Defense readiness condition system, which increases in severity from DEFCON 5 (least severe) to DEFCON 1 (most severe). You will be pushed to discover and create this state of RED ALERT within yourself during class by continuously pushing your limits.

Full Body Architect: This total body resistance training class is taught by our elite body conditioning team. Individualized attention in a group fitness setting makes you feel like you have your own personal trainer. You will train your body through repetition, overload, cardio bursts, and more. Instructors will use various equipment to achieve goals. All levels are welcome.

Fuerza Contact: This kickboxing class is a fusion of American Kickboxing with Karate done entirely on a free-standing kickboxing bag. Experience this endurance-based class that focuses on three techniques- the jab, the cross, and the roundhouse. With a technical approach to conditioning the body the class is considered cardiovascular endurance with a strong breathless finish. Open to all levels and you do not need kickboxing experience. Gloves are provided.

Fuerza Kickboxing: A fusion of American Kickboxing and Karate this is a shadow class that introduces all techniques- the jab, the cross, the hook, the uppercut, front push, back-push, and roundhouse. With a strong emphasis on proper technique and execution, this class is a cardiovascular endurance class set to motivating music.

Interval Meltdown: interval styled training, Alternating between Cardio Kickboxing on Free Standing Bags and Athletic Drills to intervals of body conditioning and core training for a full-body workout.

Masters Swim: Train with the intent to compete in several swim meets throughout the year. The Team is USA Registered and is coached by several Swim Coaches throughout the week. Intermediate to advanced swimming only. Must be able to complete 100 yards of swimming without stopping and must know how to execute flip turns.

Retro Sculpt: This class is set to music from the 60s to the 80s and begins with a solid aerobic warm-up leading into various forms of movement and training that include Hi/Lo Aerobics, lite weight high repetition endurance exercises, and more. The training can use weights and bands. The purpose of this class is to get your cardiovascular system going. All levels are welcome.

Step Fusion: A class that takes us back to the days of STEP AEROBICS. Intermediate to advanced combinations in this class- This is not a beginner step class so it is suggested you have experience in this format – follow it with a medicine ball cardio portion. Do three blocks of this and you have your complete cardio workout. Finish with abdominals.

Tabata Fusion: An hour-long class that focuses on interval training. A fusion of cardio and strength exercises that you complete as fast as you can in 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. This is done a total of 8 times through. It is a challenging workout that you do at your own pace within the interval. Rigorous but friendly for all levels.

Tread It!: An hour-long class on the treadmills which follows real outdoor training for all level runners. A typical profile will run three blocks with recovery as layers between blocks. Hills and flats combined with endurance or interval type training will be explored in profiles that begin with setting your own baseline. From this baseline, different ranges of speed are cued so that all level runners can participate.

Tread Sculpt: This class is done in blocks – 8 blocks that alternate between Treadmill Running and Sculpt exercises on the floor. Each block of running will consist of either endurance or high-intensity intervals, the sculpt blocks will consist of 4 exercises with 8-10 reps each that are done back to back until the block is over. A fun and effective workout for all.

Zumba: Join this Latin-inspired world-known class that is easy to follow and full of energy! The choreography is simple which will allow you to just “feel” and have fun with the music. All levels are welcome.

Lincoln Park Core Strength Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga: An easy and soothing approach to yoga. Gentle in nature this yoga series is Hatha/Vinyasa inspired and takes a slower approach to flows and explores restorative type poses that are easy on the body. An emphasis on connecting the breath to these slower-paced flows allows the body to ease into each transition. This practice is friendly to all levels and all demographics.

Hatha Yoga: The umbrella term for all schools of yoga. It is from this discipline that all yoga comes. Classic poses and postures combined with deep breathing to build strength and flexibility. Classes are open to all levels and different teachers will share different styles of yoga.

Pilates Mat: This Class focuses on the Classical approach to Pilates- developed by Joseph Pilates. The series remains the same with the emphasis on strengthening the core and lengthening muscles of the extremities while improving balance and coordination.

Wine Down Wednesdays: Join us for FREE Vino & Vinyasa Every Wednesday Night at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness Lincoln Park resuming in June!! Open to Members, Non-Members need to be pre-approved by emailing Includes an hour-long rooftop yoga class taught and a complimentary glass of wine after class. Come mix, mingle, breathe, move, network, and “Wine Down” every Wednesday night this summer on our gorgeous rooftop. Our rooftop restaurant Harvest is open for dinner and drinks if you would like to continue to enjoy the beautiful views, company, and tastes. Childcare is available until 7pm. Class always meets on the rooftop, if there is bad weather class will meet in Yoga Studio 1.

Vinyasa Flow: Experience our vinyasa-inspired class of “breath connected movement” with an athletic approach, challenging practice that emphasizes breath, core strength, and concentration all done with the outdoor elements!

Yoga Sculpt: A full body conditioning class based on Vinyasa flow yoga postures and sequences, integrating weight sand cardio intervals to amp up the intensity and maximize results! Expect a non-stop, fast-paced, high-energy, high rep class, that will push you to your edge every time! Show up prepared to work hard, work smart and have fun. This class is physically and mentally demanding, but pairs intention with intensity, and breath to movement, to deliver a mindful and motivating experience that is deeply fulfilling, leaving participants of all levels feeling successful, satisfied, and excited to come back for more!

Yoga Sculpt & Gulp: Turn up the intensity and enjoy your post-workout “Wine Down” inside! Yoga Sculpt & Gulp is a full-body conditioning class based on Vinyasa flow yoga postures and sequences, integrating weights and cardio intervals to amp up the intensity and maximize results! Expect a non-stop, fast-paced, high-energy, high rep class, that will push you to your edge every time! At the end of class reward your efforts with a free glass of wine at our Harvest or 1320 Market.

Yin Yoga & Sound Healing: The crystal bowl’s tone will be used to aid in your relaxation and encourage a deep meditative state. Your experience begins by making yourself comfortable lying on a mat. We will begin by taking you on a brief body awareness journey. This will help you settle in. Once comfortable, the instructor will play the crystal bowl for 20 minutes. The bowl’s sound vibrations will connect with your deep sense of self, creating a meditative experience. You will remain quiet for another 20 minutes. You are then guided out of your meditative state.