LSF-LP Traditional Day Camp Testimonial

Ages 2-14 | Full & Half Day Camps

Our Traditional Day Camps are our largest and most popular camp offerings. With weekly themes, dress-up days, fun field trips, and wacky counselors to lead games and activities, this variety camp is sure to keep your camper active and engaged all summer long!

Full-Day Camp

Ages 4-14 | June 5-September 1 | 9am-3pm | $599/week
2-Day Option available Monday-Thursday | $238/2-days

Our full-day traditional camp is our largest and most popular summer camp! Campers are split into age-appropriate groups and groups will stay consistent throughout the week. Each week of camp has a special theme! “Camptivities” are the special games, projects, and activities that our counselors plan to complement the weekly theme. Swimming takes place 4 days a week with camp counselors! We complete a quick swim assessment at the start of the week and have back floaties for those that need them. Campers rotate through crafts, games, sports, park adventures, and other specialties throughout the day. Each week of Camp has a theme, celebrated on Wacky Wednesday where campers dress up in a theme and join together for a camp-wide special event. On Friday we go on a Field Trip inspired by the week’s theme! Lunch and a snack are provided by Lakeshore.

LSF-LP Half Day and Pee Wee Camps

Half-Day Camp

Ages 4-5 | June 5-September 1 | 9am-12:30pm | $359/week
2-Day Option available Monday-Thursday | $138/2-days

Our half-day camp is simply a shortened version of our Full Day Camp for our younger campers. While camp may last half the day, it’s packed with just as much fun! There are no field trips in this camp, but campers walk to nearby parks and playgrounds! Campers will swim and have a snack together, lunch is not provided.

Pee Wee Camp

Ages 2-4 | June 5-September 1 | 9am-12:30pm | $359/week

Pee Wee is a half-day playschool-based program in which campers practice letters, shapes, numbers, and colors. Specialties such as music and yoga are offered weekly, and swim lessons are provided 5 days a week. PeeWee Camp has weekly themes to inspire crafts, activities, and more! Snack is provided by Lakeshore.

Camp Flex

Ages 4-10 | July 10-September 1 | 9am-3pm | $139/day

Camp Flex allows parents flexible scheduling and offers camp by the day. A typical day in Camp Flex includes campfire opening ceremonies, sports, crafts, playground time, fun swim, and with snack and lunch included. Camp Flex is a mixed-age group with kids ages 4-10 in the same group. We work to provide fun activities that are age-appropriate for all kids! Camp Flex does not include Wacky Wednesday or Field Trip Friday and is a separate group from traditional camp groups.

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