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211 North Stetson, Chicago, IL 60601
+1 (312) 856-1111

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Mon – Thurs 5am – 10pm, Fri - 5am - 10pm, Sat/Sun - 7am – 6pm
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Traditional personal training usually just estimates your overall fitness and then has you lift weights.

PT360 personal training is anything but traditional.

Our PT360 trainers perform an in-depth health assessment, using both functional movement screening and Inbody 370 body composition analysis, to create the most accurate portrayal possible of your fitness level. Using that precise information and drawing on their extensive education, our experienced trainers design a unique fitness plan devoted to helping you achieve long-term wellness. By using their knowledge of physical therapy techniques and training methods and drawing from their extensive educational background, our trainers help you achieve your own fitness goals while overcoming any physical and life obstacles.

The results are not only a fitter body, but a healthier way of living your life away from the training room.

LSF employs the finest personal training staff, who are all nationally certified, committed to furthering their own educations on a routine basis and staying at the forefront of their field. Click on a trainer name for more information on their background, education and philosophy.