We’re excited to welcome you back to the club! While we were closed, we researched all that we can do to keep you safe: we have consulted with doctors, hospital maintenance companies, and commercial cleaning experts to create great solutions to ensure a safe and healthy space for our members and team members. While we have great procedures in place currently based on CDC and local guidelines, please understand this will continue to evolve and adapt over time as we progress through each phase of reopening — we welcome your feedback throughout this process so we can continue to make improvements.

We will continue to update this webpage as more information becomes available, so please check back often.

Please complete the Health Acknowledgment Waiver Form before returning to the club:

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Phase 4 of Reopening

Most of the club and most programs will be available starting July 1st, but a few programs and services will lag, and we will continue with slightly abbreviated hours as we get used to our new overnight sanitizing protocols and as member usage resumes.

We plan to provide as normal of an experience as we can while still respecting and following the rules that are important for keeping us safe in Phase 4. Please remember that if the city’s numbers slip, our mayor has said that we will move back to Phase 3. Let’s all work diligently to avoid that!

  • Official city policy requires facial coverings. We will require everyone entering the clubs to be wearing a mask and have masks available for purchase for those who forget them. Please maintain your face coverings as much as possible, and certainly when traversing the club. Please work with your children to make sure that they also comply with this as some are particularly concerned about being exposed to asymptomatic kids. As you leave the club, please make sure not to gather by the entrances without your masks which may make it uncomfortable for others to get into the club.
  • We have spaced out cardio equipment to allow for 6 feet between pieces.
  • For group fitness, we will continue to offer most of our classes outside except in the event of inclement or hot weather, where an indoor back-up option will be available. Indoors, the group fitness and yoga studios have been marked with 8-foot boxes so each person knows where they should work out. We will continue our policy of having our staff sanitize equipment after it has been used.
  • As those of you who have visited the clubs know, we have a great group of team members who will be sanitizing, and there are wipes and hand sanitizer readily available.

If you are particularly nervous about returning to the club, we have a few recommendations to help ease you back into your club usage.

  1. Club usage overall has been slower – counter to what you might think, getting back to the club sooner will make you feel more comfortable because of how few people are around right now.
  2. We recommend coming earlier in the day: generally, there is less traffic with more focused activity and less “hanging around.”
  3. We truly believe that space is the new safe and at LSF we have plenty of it! You do not have to work out in a busy space and can instead choose a less popular area of the club including any unprogrammed fitness studio or take advantage of our outdoor areas to complete your workouts.

Illinois Center Phase 4 Reopening Details

Lincoln Park Phase 4 Reopening Details

Because we want to make sure that our members are able to take advantage of our amenities, we are not allowing guests to use the clubs at this point in time. It is very easy to join though, we do not require long term contracts, and you get $10 off of your dues every month that your friends are dues-paying members, so this is a great time to get your friends to join so you can enjoy the club together! For more information about membership options, please contact Membership@LakeshoreSF.com for Lincoln Park and ICMembership@LakeshoreSF.com for Illinois Center.

How We’re Keeping Members Safe

Research has shown that gyms pose no additional risk to members for catching COVID-19

A large-scale academic study has concluded that there is “no threat of increased COVID-19 spread” at fitness facilities, even when intensive training takes place.

A team of researchers at the University of Oslo, led by professor Michael Bretthauer, investigated SARS-CoV-2 transmission (the virus responsible for COVID-19) – and whether it was attributable to gyms.

“Our trial showed no virus transmission or increase in COVID-19 disease that was related to the opening of gym facilities,” said Bretthauer.

Read the full article on Health Club Management

We’re all about sanitizing, sanitizing, and more sanitizing — thoroughly and frequently!

Lakeshore Sport & Fitness is committed to creating a safe and healthy space for members and team members at the club. One strategy for ensuring the clubs are sanitized thoroughly and regularly is our investment in the OMNI PURO Sentry UV light disinfection system that irradiates 99% of pathogens in a space and is the preferred method of cleaning in hospitals.

This is in addition to use of the Clorox360 electrostatic disinfection system and their cutting edge sanitization products that carry NSF approvals, ATP testing used in USDA facilities to confirm cleanliness, which will be used to audit all of our spaces and equipment throughout the club and CompuClean, a software solution to maintain a cleaning and audit database of our new systems, which we’ll use to score our teams on meeting the highest criteria for infection controls.

Space is the new safe, and we’ve got plenty of it!

We’re conducting group exercise classes in larger open areas, including our beautiful and spacious rooftop spaces, with marked boundaries for each participant. Each space will provide adequate distancing so you can feel safe as you attend your favorite class. Additionally, our team is sanitizing all the equipment between classes.

Our private reservation-only workout pods, spaced out cardio and weight machines in our fitness centers, and frequent sanitization of equipment between each use are just some of the changes we’ve made to create a safe fitness environment here at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness.
Being a non-contact sport, racquet sports are one of the safest recreational activities to participate in right now. We have a large number of tennis, squash, and paddle courts to accommodate plenty of players with adequate spacing.

With our large, open basketball courts and pools, you can get back to enjoying the activities and sports you love and feel safe with plenty of physical distancing.

Lincoln Park Safety Procedures & Reminders

Health Clubs Ventilation Report

Ventilation & Air Purification Standards

City code requires gyms to have 4x the ventilation standards versus office centers or places of worship and almost 3x that of retail locations, restaurants, and bars.

We have gone one step further with MERV-13 as our filter standard – one level below HEPA which is the gold standard for hospitals. And we have or are adding free-standing HEP Air Filter systems (the green machines that you see around), which is ABOVE AND BEYOND our existing system.

Our clubs are doing all the right stuff to make sure we have amazing air quality for our members and team members. If you feel safe going out anywhere, it should be to LSF!

MyLSF App & Reservations

Many of the programs available during reopening require reservations, which can be made via the MyLSF App. If you do not have the MyLSF app, you can download it from your app store (Apple, Android). You will need to change the drop-down as it asks for your account number (which is not the number on your key fob) or select from the drop-down Membership Card and use your fob number.

You must register ahead of time for group fitness classes. If a group fitness class is under-subscribed, it will be canceled 12 hours ahead of time. If an outdoor class needs to be canceled because of the weather, you will receive a cancellation email. If you want to cancel any reservation, you must cancel 24 hours ahead of time or you will be charged.

Physically Distant, Socially Together

Just because we have new limitations and guidelines for public health, doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun together at the club — we just have to do it a little differently! So, join us for all sorts of fun activities for adults and kids alike. You and your family can look forward to wine & beer tastings, bags tournaments, live music rooftop events, and much, much more! All members are welcome to attend events at either Lakeshore Sport & Fitness location.

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LSF Has Solutions for Parents Struggling with Remote Schooling!

We understand that there is a great deal of uncertainty and stress about what school will look like in the fall and how some parents will manage jobs, schedules, and more. We know this will be particularly challenging for single parents, those who work in essential services, and those who can’t work from home and supervise children at the same time. To help these folks out, we are designing a special LSF school solution!

We’re offering a program that meets all of your needs, including full-day coverage, instructional time with access to great WiFi to follow online classes, tutoring services, structured play, lunch and snack service, and, of course, safety!

  • We will create a safe and comfortable environment for children, replete with appropriate social distancing, cohort grouping, mask wearing, hand washing, and more safety protocols.
  • We have ample space to create many classrooms and school day experiences that enable physical distancing so your kids remain safe.
  • We have a great staff with a variety of skills and degrees that can help ensure your child progresses and has a good time! These team members are experienced with managing safety protocols and fun for our kids during our summer camp. We also are actively recruiting skilled school instructors to enhance our curricular offerings. If you know someone who might be interested in helping teach for us, kindly ask them to email KidEvents@LakeshoreSF.com.