5 Reasons Why You Should Do Small Group Training in Chicago

5 Reasons Why You Should Do Small Group Training

Working with a personal trainer is an effective way to accomplish your fitness goals. If you want the same quality personalized attention as personal training, but in a fun, social atmosphere, try small group training! Here are 5 reasons why you should try small group training in Chicago.

While there are plenty of benefits of working with a personal trainer off the bat, a small group setting is a slightly different dynamic. Join your friends or fellow members to try this fun and social method of personalized fitness training.

1. Motivation

If you have trouble staying motivated on your own, small group training is for you! Working out with others encourages you to keep pushing yourself. Having someone exercising alongside you will push you to keep going even when fatigue starts to set in. The personal trainer leading the group will also be there to give you words of encouragement. Not only that, but you are more likely to commit to these sessions because, well, you’re paying for them. By signing up for small group training in Chicago, you’ve already made the decision to commit to your health and fitness in that you’re going above and beyond the traditional “on your own” exercise routine.

2. More Personal Attention

In the small group setting, your personal trainer will be able to provide more attention to the participants compared to a typical group fitness setting. They can provide instant feedback on form, correcting it instantly if need be. By getting to know each person more in depth, they can also demonstrate appropriate modifications and progressions. After all, you want the workout to be effective and it won’t be if you can’t perform the exercise properly or if it’s not challenging you. 

3. Support & Expertise

Challenges and setbacks are a natural part of everyone’s fitness journey. It’s how you overcome them that defines success. It’s far easier to work through these obstacles with others at your side. Your trainer and fellow participants will be there to help you along the way, encouraging you to keep going. You can seek the professional expertise of your trainer to work through any health issues, injuries, etc. you may encounter. Problems like these that aren’t dealt with properly can have even more negative consequences.

4. Variety

The workouts in small group training can be tailored to fit all the participants in mind. The trainer will design the workouts so you can make progress on your individual fitness goals. You’ll come to class excited each time to see what new workout your trainer has in store for you. 

5. More Affordable

Small group training is typically more affordable than private or semi-private training. You still get more attention from an instructor than you would in a traditional group fitness setting, but because there are more people in the training session, the cost per person is more reasonable.

Small Group Training in Chicago

Lakeshore Sport & Fitness at Illinois Center has three new exciting small group training classes in Chicago: EVOLVE, SYNERGY, and TreadX! With 12 classes per week, you can drop into one or mix and match any combination you like. 

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