Baby Swim Lessons in Chicago – Bonding for Parents and Babies!

Baby Swim Lessons in Chicago - Bonding for Parents and Babies

Want to get your baby or toddler acclimated to the water as early as possible? We provide Parent & Baby swim lessons in Chicago! Join your baby in the water for some special bonding time and get them started in the first phase of swim lessons.

Why Take Baby Swim Lessons?

As a new parent, you might be wondering why you would enroll your baby in swim lessons at such a young age. The truth is, water can be scary for some, and early exposure will make it easier for your child to learn important water safety skills as they progress in swim lessons. The better your child becomes at swimming, the more peace of mind you will have. Here are some of the top reasons to take baby swim lessons in Chicago.

1. Get Acclimated to the Water

Water can be scary for young children. Early exposure will help them get more comfortable in and around water. Starting your child as young as possible will put them at ease and put them in a better position to learn important swimming techniques as they get older. Some kids take longer to get used to the water, and you won’t know how they react until you start. Baby swim lessons will overcome that first barrier and you’ll be right there in the water with them to help!

2. Water Safety

When it comes to water safety, the bottom line is that swimming lessons could save your child’s life. We can’t overstate the importance of swimming lessons. Baby swim lessons are just the beginning to what eventually will be learning how to float/tread water, stroke techniques, and maybe even competitive swimming down the road.

3. Swimming is a Life Skill

Like riding a bicycle, your swimming abilities stay with you. Even if you don’t use them for sport or exercise, you’ll know how to swim for the rest of your life. Baby swim lessons are just the start of this very important journey.

4. Bonding for Parents & Babies

Bond with your little one by spending time with them in the water! You’ll have fun with your baby floating around and singing songs. They’ll develop gross motor skills as they splash and play with you in the water. Just by being with them will increase their sense of security.

5. Socializing With Others

Baby swim lessons are also a great way to expose your baby/toddler to other adults outside of their main caretakers or parents. Both you and your baby will get to socialize with the others in the class. 

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Parent & Child Swim Lessons at LSF

Typically a 1:8 instructor to student ratio, our Parent & Child swim lessons are designed for our youngest swimmers (9-36 months) and an adult. This class offers an opportunity to create a stronger sense of security between you, your child, and the water through songs and interactive coaching. Our instructors create a fun and comfortable environment which allows your child to quickly become acclimated to the water.

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