Benefits of Playing on Indoor Tennis Courts


Tennis is a year-round sport, because it can be played both indoors and outdoors. Once the weather starts warming up, it might be tempting to go play at an outdoor court. However, there are still plenty of advantages to playing on indoor tennis courts in Chicago, even during spring and summer. Here are just a few of them.


Weather is one of the biggest reasons to have access to indoor tennis courts. Rain is the obvious showstopper for outdoor tennis as wet tennis courts make for slippery conditions. And wet tennis balls really can’t be used to play. 

Windy conditions can make playing tennis less enjoyable as the wind definitely impacts how the ball travels across the court. At the competitive level, such as high school and collegiate levels, players are expected to, and do, play in these conditions. However, at the recreational level, players want an enjoyable experience and windy conditions can make it challenging to maintain consistent rallying.

Consistent Climate

Climate is also a consideration. Many indoor tennis facilities are climate-controlled, making it more pleasant to play in hot and humid conditions. And at certain times of the day, direct sunlight can be an impediment to the playing experience so having indoor access can alleviate this condition.

Cleanliness and Facility Upkeep

Whether publicly or privately owned, indoor facilities are professionally maintained.  This means courts are typically well maintained, cleaned regularly, and surfaces are kept in good playing conditions. This is especially important during the current pandemic situation.

Scheduling and Availability of Courts at Designated Times

Ever show up to an outdoor facility only to find out all tennis courts are occupied? This can be extremely frustrating. Indoor tennis facilities operate on a scheduled basis, meaning players need to reserve court time. Therefore, you know exactly what court availability there is when you book in advance and you don’t have to waste time waiting for courts to open up. Usually, players have the option of maintaining a ‘permanent’ court time which is a court reservation option that guarantees court access on a designated time and day each week for an entire season.

Gathering Place to Meet Other Players

In addition to the environmental, scheduling, and cleanliness benefits, the other major factor is that indoor facilities offer a great gathering place to meet and socialize with other players. After all, tennis is a social sport and one the key benefits of indoor courts are the people with similar interests.

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