Chicago Rooftop Tennis: A Unique Sporting Experience

Chicago Rooftop Tennis - A Unique Sporting Experience

Lakeshore Sport & Fitness in Lincoln Park offers a truly exceptional sporting experience by combining the thrill of playing tennis with the breathtaking views from its Chicago rooftop courts. Here is why Lakeshore Sport & Fitness is a must-visit destination for rooftop tennis enthusiasts in the Windy City.

A Rooftop Oasis

There are many rooftop locations around Chicago, but none like Lakeshore Sport & Fitness in Lincoln Park. Complete with tennis courts, pickleball courts, and an outdoor pool, it’s the perfect place for tennis players and fitness enthusiasts to take in stunning views of the city.

Unparalleled Views

Explore the unparalleled views of the Chicago skyline that await you at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness. These breathtaking sights will enhance your tennis experience, adding an extra element of beauty and inspiration to your game. Between points you can stop and admire the 360° cityscape around the Chicago rooftop tennis courts.

Rooftop Tennis Amenities

Delve into the exceptional amenities provided at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness. From well-maintained courts to comfortable seating areas and amenities for players, discover why this rooftop tennis facility stands out from the rest.

Expert Coaching

Learn from the experienced coaches at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness who are dedicated to helping players of all skill levels improve their game. Their expertise and guidance can take your rooftop tennis skills to new heights. Participate in clinics, drills, lessons, or weekly open play up on the rooftop. Fine-tune the mechanics of your tennis game while enjoying fresh air and breathtaking views.

Social Tennis Events

Tennis is very much a social sport. Playing on LSF’s Chicago rooftop tennis courts will allow you to be part of a diverse tennis community. LSF regularly hosts social tennis events on the rooftop for players to mingle and participate in electrifying match play. From friendly tournaments to mixers and social gatherings, this club fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among Chicago rooftop tennis enthusiasts.

Tennis Programs for All Ages

The rooftop isn’t just for adults to enjoy! LSF caters to tennis enthusiasts at every stage of their journey. Youth tennis classes begin as young as age 3 and go up through college. Rooftop tennis lessons and camps are a great way to allow kids to be active in the fresh air and learn the exciting sport of a lifetime!

Harvest Restaurant

After you’ve completed your tennis lesson or match, you can head on over to LSF’s renowned Harvest rooftop bar & restaurant, which is located directly adjacent to the rooftop tennis courts. Enjoy a cocktail, discuss the match over a delicious meal with your friends, and just enjoy the setting of Chicago’s cityscape.

Lakeshore Sport & Fitness offers an unforgettable rooftop tennis experience that seamlessly blends the excitement of the sport with the beauty of Chicago’s skyline. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your tennis journey, a visit to Lakeshore Sport & Fitness in Lincoln Park promises breathtaking views, top-notch facilities, expert coaching, and a vibrant tennis community that will make your rooftop tennis experience truly memorable.

Not a member yet? Come check out the facility and see for yourself why Lakeshore Sport & Fitness is Chicago’s #1 destination for sport, fitness, and fun!

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