Lakeshore Sport & Fitness at Illinois Center is now offering family memberships that include 2 hours of daily childcare per child,  complimentary access to our updated Playspace for parent-child play anytime during the week and complete access to the facility for families on the weekends.  We are expanding into more children & family events and programming such as our popular Parents’ Night Out event, Family Fun Fairs, Playdates and more to come.

We offer children sessions for basketball, aquatics, climbing and soccer for children of all ages as we look to continue to expand. Our Lincoln Park location is a great source of information and guidance as we develop our events and programming as they are well established as a family friendly club.  We strive to offer the best events and programs to meet the changing family dynamics of the Lakeshore East and surrounding communities.   

 Always feel free to reach out to with questions or suggestions as we are constantly adding new and fun family programming.