Lincoln Park Racquet Sports: Find Your New Favorite Activity

Lincoln Park Racquet Sports - Find Your New Favorite Activity

Are you looking for an exciting way to stay active, improve your skills, and connect with a vibrant community? Look no further than Lincoln Park’s thriving racquet sports scene. With options like tennis, paddle tennis, pickleball, and squash, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. We’ll explore the key differences between these four fantastic racquet sports and help you discover which one might become your new favorite activity.

Tennis: The Classic Racquet Sport

Lincoln Park Racquet Sports - tennis

Tennis is undoubtedly the most well-known and widely played racquet sport, with a rich history and a strong presence in Lincoln Park. The game is played on a rectangular court, divided by a net, and can be enjoyed in singles or doubles format. Here are some key aspects that set tennis apart:

  1. Court Size: A standard tennis court is 78 ft long and 27 ft wide, which is larger than those of paddle tennis and squash, allowing for a wide range of movement and strategic play.
  2. Scoring System: To win a game, a player or team must score four points and have a two-point advantage over the opponent.
  3. Ball: Tennis uses a regular tennis ball, which is larger and less dense compared to the balls used in squash and paddle tennis.

Lakeshore Sport & Fitness has both indoor and outdoor rooftop tennis courts, with programming for adults and youth.

Paddle Tennis: A Distinctive Twist

Lincoln Park Racquet Sports - tennis

Paddle tennis is a lesser-known gem within the racquet sports world, offering a more compact and fast-paced experience. It’s often played in colder climates like Lincoln Park due to the bouncing characteristics of the ball. 

  1. Court Size: Paddle tennis courts are roughly the third of the size of a tennis court (typically 20 meters long by 10 meters wide), fostering quick rallies and dynamic gameplay. The playing area is enclosed by surrounding wire fencing, which can be used for some unpredictable shots. The courts themselves are on raised platforms with heated coils underneath to melt snow and ice.
  2. Paddle Racquets: Players use solid paddles instead of traditional tennis racquets. These paddles have a perforated surface and provide a different feel and control over the ball.
  3. Underhand Serve: Paddle tennis typically features an underhand serve, contributing to its unique rhythm and strategy.

Lakeshore Sport & Fitness offers paddle tennis classes, lessons, mixers, and tournaments. Learn more about our paddle tennis programming here.

Squash: The Intense Indoor Game

Lincoln Park Racquet Sports - squash

Squash is a high-energy racquet sport that takes place in an enclosed court, providing a challenging and fast-paced experience. The walls also come into play.

  1. Court Design: Squash courts are smaller than tennis courts and have four walls. The ball can bounce off any wall during play (within certain marked boundaries), requiring players to use strategy and agility.
  2. Rally Intensity: Squash emphasizes quick reflexes, as players need to anticipate and respond rapidly to the ball’s movements.
  3. Scoring System: Squash uses a straightforward scoring system where players earn points only when serving.

If you’re looking for a great workout and a new racquet sport to play, get started with LSF’s squash lessons and drill groups!

Pickleball: The Cross-Generational Delight


Pickleball, a relatively recent addition to the racquet sports roster, bridges generations with its accessible nature and engaging playstyle. Pickleball has been extremely popular as of late, bringing in a lot of younger players. Its accessibility has attracted the attention of older players as well.

  1. Court Design: Pickleball is usually played on a smaller court, akin to a badminton court, making it an ideal choice for players seeking a combination of strategy and movement.
  2. Paddle and Whiffle Ball: Pickleball employs a solid paddle, similar to paddle tennis, and a lightweight whiffle ball, offering a balanced yet dynamic gameplay experience.
  3. Doubles Emphasis: Pickleball often prioritizes doubles play, fostering a collaborative and social atmosphere on the court.

Get started with pickleball at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness with introductory classes, lessons, and drills.

Lincoln Park Racquet Sports

If you’re looking for a new recreational activity in Chicago, Lincoln Park’s racquet sports scene has something to offer everyone. Tennis provides the classic experience with its larger court and unique scoring system, while paddle tennis offers a fast-paced twist with smaller courts and distinct paddles. Squash, on the other hand, challenges your agility and reflexes within the confines of an enclosed court and serves as a spectacular cardio workout. Pickleball is sweeping the nation in popularity due to its accessibility for all ages. Each sport brings its own set of thrills, strategy, and camaraderie, making it easy to find your new favorite activity in the vibrant world of Lincoln Park racquet sports. So, pick up a racquet, hit the court, and let the games begin!

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