The Lincoln Park Junior Tennis Program offers the foundation for youth tennis players to enjoy the sport of tennis for the first time as well as a path to progress through the ranks of different skill-appropriate levels. These opportunities are made available through group tennis classes and semi-private or private tennis lessons.

JUNIOR TENNIS CLASSES: Emphasizes group learning where players are given the opportunity to interact with each other through group-based activities such as games, skill-building, and competition.

FUTURE STARS: Intro to tennis for 3-5-year-olds. Motor skills are developed along with a new love of the game.

UNDER 6 STARS: This tennis program is designed for kids ages 5-6 years old and uses the red tennis balls. Instruction is focused on improving classic tennis strokes, preparing kids for the Under 8-10 Stars program, and will gradually introduce players to rallies.

UNDER 8-10 STARS: Classes build upon the U6 Stars class by introducing elements of basic forehand and backhand, groundstrokes, and volleys. It will also introduce elements of rallying, swing technique, point play, and basic rules of the game. Players are encouraged to develop individual ownership of their improving game. These classes will incorporate drills, activities, and games with each weekly lesson.

UNDER 12-16 STARS: Classes are structured to teach basic hitting skills for beginner tennis players. These classes will focus on basic all-court skills including forehand and backhand, groundstrokes, and volleys. Players will be introduced to basic elements of rallying, swing technique, and body positioning, point play, and competition.

UNDER 10-16 INTERMEDIATES: Classes are structured to progress the U8-U14 Star players to an intermediate level. Skills will become more specialized and technically improved upon while introducing performance and competition-level elements. These classes will specialize in teaching elements such as combining different shots to develop fundamental point play, and introducing higher-level skilled shots: serving, slicing, lobbing, and approach shots. This class will aim to advance players to move up to the Academy level.

JR TENNIS ACADEMY HIGH PERFORMANCE: The LSF professional coaching staff continually refines its Junior Academy Program to enable junior tennis athletes to achieve successful outcomes in today’s modern competitive environment. All programs encourage a regiment of tournament and match play. LSF has highly skilled resources from other disciplines to help develop a complete athlete. Elements of the program include advanced technical skill development, match strategy, and tactics, mental preparation, physical strength, speed, and agility conditioning, and emotional intelligence coaching.

UTR 5+
This group is designed for players competing at a 5 or above, based on the Universal Tennis Rating system. A player must compete in 12 sanctioned matches before they are recognized by UTR.

Junior Academy
Academy programs help juniors prepare for tournaments, high school, and college-level competitions.

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