Pickleball Tips – Never Fear the Kitchen, Embrace it

Pickleball Tips - Never Fear the Kitchen, Embrace it

Knowing where to position yourself on the pickleball court can be a huge advantage. You have to anticipate where your opponent will place their shots so you can return it effectively. Here are some pickleball tips that will improve your positioning to help you win your next match.

Give Yourself an Advantage

One of the main issues new players face in pickleball is an apprehensive approach to the “No-Volley Zone,” more commonly referred to as the Kitchen. Players have so much fear of a foot fault that they’ll stand 2-5 feet back from the line. By doing this, players are creating a massive disadvantage, for both volleys and dinks.

The area is restricted for a reason, it’s an ADVANTAGE to be as close to the net as possible. So, get close. When playing at the net in pickleball, your toes should be no further than 6 inches from the Kitchen line. You should have bent knees and a forward lean to be able to attack balls that are poorly dinked. When volleying, DON’T STEP. Plant your feet and use your hips/upper body to generate power on volleys/slams, this will make you more consistent and keep foot faults from occurring.

Where Can I Play Pickleball in Chicago?

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