Understanding Muscle Fibers Will Determine How You Train

Understanding Muscle Fibers Will Determine How You Train

Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all. One of the most common goals our trainers hear is to get “fit.” While becoming “fit” seems to be the universal consensus as to why people seek personal training, there isn’t much consistency to the varying definitions of the word. Each meaning of the word comes from the various checklists encompassed by the individual’s personal goals and views of success. While these ideas stem from common groundings of expectations, health, and beauty standards, they can be as different as night and day. To achieve the best results for you, we must first understand the role of the types of muscle fibers in training.

What are Your Post-Quarantine Fitness Goals?

Unfortunately, the current pandemic situation has either altered or halted the New Year’s resolution goals we set at the start of the year. However, as Chicago fitness clubs slowly reopen and return to a new normal, we can use this as an opportunity to set new, post-quarantine fitness goals.

A New Starting Point

Over 80% of people have had given up on their New Year’s fitness goals by March, right before the pandemic affected fitness centers. While some were still continuing their fitness routine at that time, the motivation to work on resolutions tends to disappear as the year goes on. After several months of the clubs being closed, we weren’t able to exercise in our typical fashion and some of us might have stopped altogether when quarantined at home. Thus, you may have felt like all your progress and momentum evaporated. And that’s ok. Now is your time to start again.

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