Choosing a Tennis Pro Who’s Right for You

Tennis professionals aren’t just great players, but great teachers as well. They must fully understand the fundamentals and techniques involved, but also be able to transfer those skills through demonstration and instruction. Just as every member is at a different stage in their tennis journey, so are the tennis pros. Each tennis pro has unique personality traits, specialties, certifications, etc. The next time you are choosing a tennis pro, take the following questions into consideration.

The Boom of Tennis During the COVID-19 Pandemic

tennis during covid-19

The past year has been brutal in so many ways for sports participation of all types. Tennis during COVID-19, however, has surfaced as one of the few acceptable activities that can be performed. Even indoors, the size of the court facilities allows for social distancing to take place and demand has been increasing.

5 Questions Answered to Start Playing Tennis

5 Questions Answered to Start Playing Tennis

As we all deal with the new realities of a Covid world and staying safe, it can be a challenge to keep up with health and wellness routines. People are looking for new ways to stay active in this new reality and tennis is seen as one of the activities to turn to. It checks the boxes for active cardio workout, and being social while being safe.  And, whether you are a current or former player, or considering playing for the first time, tennis is a sport that’s easy to pick up.  Here are 5 common questions answered to help you start playing tennis.

Is it safe to play with Covid?

Because tennis does not require any direct person-to-person contact, players can enjoy the many physical and mental benefits that tennis offers so long as you practice physical distancing by keeping six feet apart from other players to ensure you are in a safe exercise environment.  The USTA has created guidelines to help players understand … Continue reading