Toddler Swim Lessons in Chicago | Why Parents Should Swim with Their Child


Getting your toddler comfortable in the water is a great first step to learn how to swim. While it’s never too late to learn how to swim, the more comfortable they are in the water at a young age, the easier it will become later on. Discover how toddler swim lessons in Chicago can help your child learn to swim!

Swimming With Your Child

The ability to swim is an essential safety skill – no question about it. But some children have an innate fear or aversion to water. Exposure and proper instruction at a young age is a great way to overcome those feelings. One of the best ways to get your child acclimated to the water is by swimming with them A LOT. Make family swimming a regular activity and before you know it, your child will not only become comfortable swimming, they’ll get good at it, too.

Starting out may not be easy for all children. It’s important to have fun with them – play games, splash around, blow bubbles, etc. Use encouragement and positive reinforcement. Swimming with your toddler is a great bonding experience, and everyone will get some extra activity.

So when should your child start swimming? The Red Cross starts children out as young as 6 months. Why would you want to start a child out so young? As we’ve said before, it’s all about getting them acclimated to the water. As the child grows and develops, they’ll learn more advanced techniques and eventually learn the techniques for swim strokes such as freestyle and breaststroke. Also, who doesn’t love a little parent-child bonding time?!

If you want a more structured environment, toddler swim lessons in Chicago is always an option!

Chicago Toddler Swim Lessons

At Lakeshore Sport & Fitness, our Chicago toddler swim lessons are structured so parents can accompany their children in the water, creating a positive nurturing environment in which they can learn. The focus of these toddler swim lessons is to establish their comfort level in the water through games, songs, and a parent-child bond.

Designed for our youngest swimmers (9-36 months) and an adult, our instructors will address the needs of each child with fun and positivity to ensure they progress at their own pace.

All of our group swim lessons meet once a week for a total of 10 weeks. Our swim lesson curriculums, including our toddler swim lessons in Chicago, are developed by staff with Olympic and international experience.

Looking for toddler swim lessons in Chicago? Visit our Lincoln Park page or Illinois Center page for more information at the programs at each club!

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