LSF offers THE PLACE for your 4th-8th grade child to spend time in an atmosphere with other peers who are ready to explore, have fun, and sometimes just hang out. So c’mon out and have fun every day as there are various activities to have an amazing time each day of the week. This is an exclusive club only available to our LSF members in the 4th-8th grade.

Club48 Middle School 4th-8th Grade Kids Activities

Club48 is designed exclusively for kids in 4th-8th grade.

Club48 takes place Monday-Friday from 3-6pm and weekends from 1-4pm. The spirit of the Club48 program is to give your kids a fun place to go with friends after school. They can start to find more independence in the club and take ownership over their experience.

Kids start by checking in with counselors in the Igloo. From there they can choose their own adventure! There is always a space for homework and snacks. (A reminder that outside food is not allowed in the club, however, kids can order food from the 1320 Market and
have it delivered to the Igloo or bring it to Yoga 2.)Each day we have a schedule of optional activities ranging from dodgeball, basketball tournaments, card games, crafts, and more. Kids can sign up and move between activities or create their own fun!

Club48 kids have access to the Igloo, Yoga 2, Game Room, Basketball Court, and Kid’s Side Rooftop. (Club48 kids are not allowed in the 1320 Market, Catwalk, Workout Spaces, or Tennis Courts unless they are with a parent.)

How do I sign up for Club48?

Club48 is a complimentary part of your membership. Kids can use their scan cards to scan in at the front desk without a parent. After they scan into the club they head to the Igloo and self-check-in for Club48 with the staff via a sign-in/out sheet. Before leaving for the day the kids check out of Club48 via the sign-in/out sheet.

Kids do not need a parent with them to check-in or out of Club48. (If your child does not have a scan card, they can get one at the front desk. The first one is complimentary and after that it’s a $5 replacement fee.)

Club48ers can drop in daily and no advance registration is required. They have unlimited access and can attend as often as they’d like!

Club48 Middle School 4th-8th Grade Independent Peer Group Activities

Supervision for Club48

Supervision is provided in the areas of the club where scheduled Club48 classes take place. Our team members move throughout these spaces and have partial supervision and check-ins when not participating in a scheduled activity. The Club48 activity schedule changes monthly and can be found on our website.

Due to staff instructing classes, they are not able to locate your child to notify them when you arrive or to pass along messages and reminders. Parents and children will need to prearrange a meeting time and place in the club for pick up.

Please note that they may not be under the direct supervision of an LSF team member when not participating in a class. Please help us to set expectations of appropriate behavior in common spaces. This is a great opportunity for Club48ers to exercise some independence and responsibility in a safe space. Club48 kids have access to the Igloo, Yoga 2, Game Room, Basketball Court, and Kid’s Side Rooftop. (Club48 kids are not allowed in the 1320 Market, Catwalk, Workout Spaces, or Tennis Courts unless they are with a parent.)

Electronics in Club48

Many Club48 members bring in tablets and/or cell phones to work on schoolwork and communicate with parents. While we do not restrict electronics in Club48, if electronics are being used inappropriately we will inform parents and ask Club48 members to put away electronics. Please be sure to talk with your Club48 member about any expectations you and your family have for the use of electronics.

Club48 Middle School 4th-8th Grade Sports Activities Games

What else can Club48ers do?

During the summer, Club48 has their own exclusive day camp where they go on a field trip every day based on a theme of the week. Throughout the school year, we offer Club48 field trips and special events too!

Working out with you.

Your child will now also have the opportunity to work out with you on our cardio fitness floor! Prior to doing so, they will need to complete their Youth Fitness Floor certification where they will learn how to use the cardio equipment in the club and proper gym etiquette. To get your child certified or if you have any additional questions, please email

We look forward to having your child join us for the upcoming school year! If you have any questions, please email us at or give us a call at 773-770-2418.