Kids Fitness Training Lincoln Park Chicago


LSF is the starting point for many children to learn about becoming and staying active, and developing healthy habits they’ll carry with them throughout their lives. The benefits of our kids fitness programs can be great. Children who are physically active have fewer health problems.

Our youth activities encourage healthy competition, the value of participation, team building, individual development, positive self-image, a sense of fair play, and mutual respect for others as they learn to properly work out with a certified personal trainer, all while keeping it fun!

Kids Fitness Certification Lincoln Park ChicagoYouth Fitness Certification Program

Our Junior Fitness Certification program qualifies children 4th-8th grade in the use of cardio equipment, light free weights, and the running track.

In addition, children will learn basic information about cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training. During the course, your child will learn the cardio floor rules, how to use the appropriate equipment, as well as basic gym etiquette. The course is taught in 60 minutes. Guidance on appropriate behavior and etiquette in these rooms will also be covered. Upon completion, the children may use the workout areas when accompanied and supervised by a parent.

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Kids Fitness Programs in Lincoln Park ChicagoJunior Personal Training

Our Youth Training Programs are designed to improve the physical development of youth at all levels. Ranging from the beginner to the elite athletes, we train kids 8-17 years old. The PT360 trainers will help give a child an edge with their expert fitness knowledge.

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