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Mon – Fri: 4:30 am – 10:00 pm, Sat & Sun: 6:00 am – 9:00 pm
Holiday Hours group fitness schedule

Adult Group Tennis Session

Lakeshore Sport & Fitness offers a wide variety of adult group tennis classes ranging from the first time beginner level to advanced open level. Players are classified using the National Tennis Rating Program (N.T.R.P.), which places adults into different categories based upon ability and standardizes play for a more enjoyable experience. Grouping by ability allows our LSF instructors to better focus their drills on improving specific skills. The instructor will identify challenge areas and appropriate drills will be utilized to help participants advance their game. For more information on adult tennis classes, contact

Class Format & Player Development

All group classes are designed and taught by certified tennis professionals. The main focus of our instructional program is to make the learning process easier and fun for everyone. Our progressive coaching approach allows all players to develop a specific stroke, technique, and footwork more efficiently and with success. This progressive coaching approach is based on the following criteria:

Warm-up: It consists of 5-7 mins of players starting on the service line hitting forehands and backhands, focusing on footwork, and cooperative rallying (mini-tennis).

Skill Building Drills: Players have the opportunity to practice the same shot in repetition with their tennis professional, focusing on technique and stroke shaping.

Situational Drills/Live Ball Drills: Your tennis professional will create game situations where specific shot/stroke can be used in a real tennis match. These situational drills bring together all elements of tennis (tactics, decision making, problem-solving, technique, psychology, etc).

Play Time: Players will put together what they learned during the lesson in a real match play.

Group Class Special

LSF offers 1.5-hour group tennis class for the price of a 1-hour group class throughout the session. The classes are indicated as Early Bird (E.B.), Matinee (M), and Night Owl (N.O). The Group Class Special is for 2.1-2.5 levels and above.


Tennis Enthusiasts, get ready for match play in a co-ed team format. Enjoy the fun, high energy, and camaraderie. Matches will take place Saturday afternoons followed by complimentary pizza, drinks, and fun.

Teams will get six regular-season matches over the course of the programming session and each team will have an opportunity to qualify for the playoffs. Each team match will include both singles and doubles totaling 4-5 sets complete.

The team with the most accumulated games won from all sets wins the match. Make your own team with a clever name, and pick your captain, or sign up as an individual and we will place you on a team.

Levels: 3.1-3.5, 3.6-4.0, 4.1-4.5

All USTA Friend Of The Court rules will be used. If a match is tied a doubles tie-breaker will be played to crown a champion. Each match has 2 hours of court time

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