Intro to Paddle
Players will learn about the basic strokes positioning and tactics of the game. This sport is fun and rugged played in all weather conditions these courts are heated to melt and dry snow. 6:1 Student to Coach Ratio

Intro to Paddle 2
Students who have swings that they can repeat but lack variety or depth and struggle with keeping the ball in play when adding pace. More comfortable lobbing off the deck, but on occasion can make an easy screen shot. Previous experience is required. 6:1 Student to Coach Ratio

Novice Match Play
For newer paddle players to get to play in more match play situations with some guidance from one of our LSF paddle professionals. 12:1 Student to Coach Ratio

Intermediate Match Play
Looking for a more recreational but more competitive style of play? Players should be able to consistently be able to play all types of shots from screens to lobs and have service command. Previous experience is required. 12:1 Student to Coach Ratio

Women’s In-House League
For those who are looking to play consistent match play with partner pairings and standings being kept like the travel leagues that compete do. Previous experience is required. 16:1 Student to Coach Ratio

Advanced Match Play
For those that are on the travel team level looking for a more intense fun competition with rotating matches throughout the evening. Previous experience is required. 16:1 Student to Coach Ratio


This program is designed as an introduction to paddle for your kids that involved more fun style games as well as basic skill development. We can also arrange for your own private junior paddle group after school with a minimum of 3 players required. 6:1 Student to Coach Ratio


Arrange a private group (minimum of 3 players), we can provide a 1 off lesson or book out a 10-week session to lock in your court time.


We are pleased to host paddle parties for groups with food, paddle instruction, balls, and paddles. Typically, these are best scheduled for Friday and Saturday afternoons/evenings. Contact us to arrange your event!


Members can easily book a court through the MYLSF App. There is a convenience fee for booking at the Front Desk. Paddles are also available for rent at the Front Desk for a fee.

Paddle lessons and leagues are available for members only.

Paddle Schedule & Sign up